Academic Planning

Our academic planning devises a custom strategy and road map so you can take all the right stops. We are a clear path to the college of your dreams.

Start Early

We get it- applying for college can be one of the most stressful times in a young person’s life. Between navigating the various application processes, to creating a vision for your future, there’s a lot of pressure during this time.

That’s where we come in.

Beck works with you to clearly understand your academic goals and dreams. From as early as 7th grade, students can begin the college planning process utilizing our Academic Planning program. By testing your strengths and weaknesses, we create a clearly defined roadmap catered to you and your goals. Our strategy helps build and strengthen your academic self step by step, giving you a clearly defined path to success.

Becks Holistic & Persistent Approach

To Academic Planning Gets Exceptional Results:

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Crafting Your Plan

Every student is different so our plans are not one size fits all. However certain skills drive students to success such as learning how to study, how to be disciplined, how to think critically and understand big picture concepts. When we understand your strengths and weaknesses, your plan will help you first grasp concepts that were once in your blind spots. You’ll find that your plan opens doors of understanding that where once closed, making learning a much more fun and rewarding experience.

Tracking Your Performance

Young people evolve on a daily basis. Tracking your performance needs to happen on a constant basis in order to move your learning forward at the right pace. In addition, knowing how well you are performing will give you the feedback and Beck the information to know if our techniques and plan are working as they should or if we need to make adjustments so we can work to your strengths.


A culmination of your learning is always important to look at in a holistic way. As a student, it’s sometimes really hard to know how far you’ve come and how much more there is to go. Beck will give you a thorough evaluation so you know where you stand, where you need to improve, and where our plan is taking you.


Communication is key to all parties – especially students and parents. We all have a good understanding of what is being achieved, what is currently happening in the student’s internal life and how he or she is performing in school. Beck keeps the lines of communication open to your parents so the team around your goals can give you the support you need to get you to the college and career of your dreams.