Beck College Prep

Miami College Preparation and Tutoring Services

Right from your very own home, Beck offers private college prep and tutoring services for students who want to get admitted to their favorite college. With disciplined study skills, vast subject area knowledge, focused test prep, and comprehensive admissions prep services; Beck gives students the tools and motivation they need to reach their goals.

The Beck 5-Step Method

To ensure the understanding rather than memorization of academic concepts, our tutors implement the Beck 5 Step Method for all subject areas and test preparation tutoring.

Step 1: Examine

During the student’s first tutorial session, the Beck College Prep tutor will request the student to do a series of problems in the subject area in which the student is having difficulty. In this 10-15 minute assessment, the tutor will be able to detect where the student’s key areas of deficiency lie.

Step 2: Target

We will use the results from the preliminary examination to group questions that will target the student’s deficiencies and advance their academic fundamentals.

Step 3: Instruct

The student will repetitively practice the new concepts so the ideas are adopted and the student has an accurate and proficient understanding of the subject. Once rudimentary mastery of the key concepts has been accomplished, we will apply the analytical and critical thinking skills needed to successfully make future academic connections. This process will build on the student’s newfound understanding. The goal of this session is to reduce frustration and increase confidence.

Step 4: Evaluate

The tutor will evaluate whether the student has grasped the concepts by testing the student with similar yet higher-level problems than those questions presented during the initial portion of the tutoring session.

Step 5: Communicate

At the end of the tutoring session, the tutor will inform the parent of what challenges the student may have, what has been done to resolve this matter, and any independent work that the student must complete for the next session.

Beck builds critical thinking during all steps using our “E Cubed” tutoring style: Entertaining, Efficient, and Effective.